Friday, March 18, 2011

Audio Clip: First Pages of THE RIVER OF SHADOWS

I promised some time ago to provide an audio excerpt or two from The River of Shadows, Book III of The Chathrand Voyage. Here’s one at at last. All it took to get me to the microphone was the deep silence that swallowed this house when Kiran flew off to India for two weeks.

This excerpt is very short: just the first five pages of the novel. I made myself stop just before the first, seriously enormous, spoiler. I truly hate spoilers. Even when someone asks for one ("Come on, just tell me who you kill off this time around") I find it nearly impossible to deliver.

That said, well, here’s a SPOILER ALERT: the long version of this recording begins with an eight-minute of “Story So Far” freeform ramble. I hope it may be useful for those who need a reminder of what went down in The Red Wolf Conspiracy and The Rats and The Ruling Sea (Books I & II). It’s more of a skeleton-sketch of the plot than anything else. But I know I wouldn’t want that skeleton in my head, if I were coming to the series for the first time.

Both versions are up on filedropper, and can be downloaded by anyone. No sign-in necessary.

Short version (first pages of The River of Shadows):

Long version (“Story-so-far” ramble + the above):

There will be more goodies (written and/or recorded) before the April 19 publication. Enjoy!


ediFanoB said...

Thanks a lot for the audio files! I listened to the short version. Now I want to read The River of Shadows even more.

Matt said...

Why is The River of Shadows only coming out in paperback?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for excerpts and recordings!

Unfortunately, the links no longer work - or rather, they lead to file dropper main page asking to upload.