Saturday, April 30, 2011

New River of Shadows Audiobook Clip (read by a professional, rather than, well, me)

Tantor Media has been kind enough to provide this 8-minute clip from the unabridged audio version of The River of Shadows, read by actor Michael Page. I think this man's amazing. 

The clip comes from Chapter 3, called "The Orfuin Club." It's one of the strangest things I've ever written. For those of you who've read the first two books, you'll hear from an old friend by the name of Arunis, but the other characters are all new to Book III.

The whole book takes a whopping 24 hours to narrate, I understand. Big thanks to Liz Ellis for creating & sharing this clip.

Here's the clip:


ediFanoB said...

I think the audiobook will be an enjoyment for everyone who likes fantasy audiobooks. I have a problem with audiobooks. When I listen to them it does not take long and I fall asleep. even the 8-minute clip was a challenge for me.

Robert VS Redick said...

I used to have the same problem in chemistry class.

Rich said...

Listening to this now during my ride to and from work. Good stuff.

RVSR said...

And that's just eight minutes. Image 24 hours. ;0