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The Story's 71 Most Important Characters. No, I'm Not Kidding.

HOLY MULTITUDES. Seventy-one named characters! And that's without certain sailors, tarboys, demons and talking birds.

My next series is going to have only six: Man. Woman. Old Man. Young Girl. Turtle. Ghost. And if that still feels like too much, I will combine the last two and just have a ghost-turtle.

 Dramatis Personae, Books I - IV

Note: this is a readers' resource--and a longer, more complete version of the list on my website. Although the information provided about each character is minimal, you will inevitably encounter spoilers

This list is a work in progress. Have I forgotten (or maligned) your favorite character? Let me know.

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ALYASH: Bosun on the Chathrand. Recruited in Simja after the death of Mr Swellows.

ARIM, LORD: elder selk of Uláramyth.

ARUNIS [Arunis Wytterscorm, “the Blood Mage”] a mighty sorcerer; founder of the Raven Society; corruptor of the Empire of Bali Adro; arch-enemy of both Erithusmé and Ramachni.

BABQRI FATHER: A high priest and elder of the sfvantskor order. Neda Pathkendle’s teacher.

BOLUTU, DR. BELESAR: A veterinarian and monk of the Rinfaith, assigned to I.M.S. Chathrand to care for its shipment of animals.

BURNSCOVE, KRUNO: Founder and leader of the Burnscove Boys gang from Etherhorde. Arch-enemies of the Plapps.

CHADFALLOW, DR. IGNUS: Imperial Surgeon of Arqual; a favourite of Emperor Magad V; erstwhile Imperial Envoy to Ormael; former lover of Suthinia Pathkendle and protector of her children.

DARABIK, PURSTON [Purcy]: Commodore in the Arquali Navy.

DASTU: Arquali tarboy. Secret protégé of Sandor Ott.

DIADRELU [Lady Diadrelu Tammariken ap Ixhxchr, also “Dri”] An ixchel noblewoman and former commander of Ixphir House. Sister of Lord Talag.

DOLDUR, PAZEL: A mage and historian. Editor-in-Chief of the infamous 13th Edition of the Merchant’s Polylex. Suthinia Pathkendle gave Doldur’s first name to her son.

ENSYL: An ixchel warrior and student of Lady Diadrelu.

ERITHUSMÉ: [Erithusmé the Great]: mightiest of latter-day mages; first successful wielder of the Nilstone since ancient times; creator of the Waking Spell and the Red Storm; teacher of Ramachni. Born in Nohirin in the Mzithrin lands, she crossed the Ruling Sea repeatedly with the Nilstone’s aid. Erithusmé gave up the Nilstone in 925, and was immediately set upon by the Ravens, and particularly Arunis.

FELTHRUP [Felthrup Stargraven]: a woken black rat from Noonfirth.

FIFFENGURT, GRAFF STARLING: Long-serving quartermaster on the Chathrand. Passed over more than once as captain.

GARAPAT, PROFESSOR J.L.: An historian who comes to Felthrup Stargraven’s aid in the Orfuin Club.

FULBREECH, GRAYSAN: errand-boy from Simja.

ISIQ, ADMIRAL EBERZAM: highest field-serving admiral in the Arquali navy; the appointed Imperial ambassador to Simja; father of Thasha Isiq.

JALANTRI: A sfvantskor, trained alongside Neda Pathkendle.

IBJEN: A young dlömic boy from Masalym.

ISIQ, CLORISUELA: Deceased wife of Admiral Eberzam and mother of Thasha.

KET, LIRIPUS: A merchant from Opalt, specializing in soaps and solvents.

KIRISHGáN: Selk who befriended Pazel Pathkendle in the Temple of Vasparhaven (Book III) and later travelled with his company.

KLYST: A young sea-murth from the Gulf of Thól. Klyst and her sisters killed a number of the divers seeking the Red Wolf off the Haunted Coast.

KUMINZAT, ADMIRAL: Famous Mzithrini officer. Commander of the White Reaper, pride of the White Fleet, lost in battle south of Bramian.

KURLSTAF, CAPTAIN. Former captain of the Chathrand. Many considered him the only captain in 600 years to approach Nilus Rose in cunning and resourcefulness.

LAPADOLMA, PACU: Niece of Lady Lapadolma Yelig, owner of the Chathrand. Thasha Isiq’s maid-in-waiting. Later her replacement as Treaty Bride.

LUDUNTE: An ixchel. Sophister (student) of Lady Diadrelu).

LATZLO, ERNOM: Ormali merchant. A dealer in live animals and suitor of Pacu Lapadolma.

LUNJA, SERGEANT [“The Otter”]: Dlömic soldier from Masalym, loyal to Prince Olik.

MAGAD V: [His Supremacy; also “The Usurper”]: Ruler of the Empire of Arqual. Son, heir and possible murderer of the previous Emperor. Magad V approved and funded the plot to destabilize the Mzithrin Empire through the return of the Shaggat Ness to his followers on Gurishal.

MACADRA [Macadra Hyndrascorm, The White Raven]: Bali Adro sorceress who controlled the mind and decrees of the senile Emperor Nahundra.

MAISA: rightful Empress of Arqual, daughter of Magad III. Deposed by her brother Magad IV in 899 and driven into exile.

MALABRON: Trainee sfvantskor in Neda Pathkendle’s band.

MARILA: Sponge diver from Tholjassa.

MUGSTUR (Master Mugstur). A woken rat and messianic psychopath.

MYETT: An ixchel woman. Consort to Lord Taliktrum.

NESS, ERTHALON: Deranged son of the Shaggat Ness, held with his father, brother and Arunis for decades on the prison-island of Licherog.

OTT, SANDOR: Imperial Spymaster and chief assassin of Arqual.

NAHUNDRA: Emperor of Bali Adro, under the sway of Macadra and the Ravens.

NÓLCINDAR: a selk warrior, sailor and shipwright.

OGGOSK, LADY: [Lady Gosmel Pothrena Oggosk, Duchess of Tiroshi]. A witch and special advisor to Captain Rose.

OLIK, PRINCE [HRH Prince Olik Ipandracon Tastandru Bali Adro]: lesser prince in the ruling dynasty of the Empire of Bali Adro; second cousin to the Emperor.

ORFUIN: a philosopher; owner of the Club that bears his name in the River of Shadows.

OSHIRAM II, KING: Monarch of Simja and host of the Great Peace.

PATHKENDLE, PAZEL: A tarboy from Ormael, pressed into service in the Arquali Navy after the invasion of his home country in 936.

PATHKENDLE, GREGORY: Ship’s captain from Ormael and husband of Suthinia Pathkendle. Named a traitor, questionably, for his role in the sinking of an Ormali warship. Later a famous freebooter (smuggler) operating in and around the Crab Fens and the Haunted Coast.

PATHKENDLE, SUTHINIA: An amateur mage and student of Pazel Doldur. Mother of Pazel and Neda Pathkendle. Suthinia came to Ormael in 924, married Capt. Gregory the same year, and largely renounced magic.
PLAPP, DARIUS: Leader and founder of the Plapp’s Pier gang from Etherhorde. Arch-enemies of the Burnscove Boys.

RAIN, DR CLAUDIUS: Doctor (?) assigned to the I.M.S. Chathrand

RAMACHNI [Ramachni Fremken, Arpathwin]: Powerful mage with a gift for shape-shifting; his usual form is that of a black mink. Ramachni is a visitor to Alifros from an unidentified land, and Thasha Isiq’s lifelong friend.

REFEG AND RER: Anchor lifters. Augrongs (enormous, scaly, ogre-like creature native to the Arquali interior. Close to extinction.). Refeg and Rer dwell in an Etherhorde slum when not at sea.

ROSE, CAPTAIN NILUS ROTHEBY: Commander of the I.M.S. Chathrand; notorious thief, smuggler and sadist.

ROSE, CAPTAIN THEIMAT: Father of Nilus Rose. Great trader and strongman in the Quezan Islands. Widely famous for his cruelty.

SATHEK: [ the Demon-Mage, the Soulless One]: long-dead wizard and warlord whose rule first united the Five Kingdoms of the Mzithrin; creator of the Sceptre that bears his name. Sathek gave posthumous aid to Arunis in his hunt for the Nilstone.

SATURYK: An ixchel of Ixphir house. Lord Talag’s chief of security.

SHAGGAT [The Shaggat Ness]: A mad king and founder of a religious cult that fractured the Mzithrin Empire. Believed dead but held secretly by Arqual for 40 years. The core of Arqual’s plot against the Mzithrin was to return the Shaggat to his worshippers on Gurishal, thus reviving the fanatic cult and weakening the Mzithrini state enough for a swift Arquali invasion.

STANAPETH, HERCÓL: Tholjassan warrior and former assassin with the Secret Fist of Arqual; protégé of Sandor Ott. Thasha Isiq’s combat instructor and lifelong ally.

STELDAK: An ixchel man. Captain Rose's prisoner and poison taster.

SURIDIN: An apprentice sfvantskor trained by the Babqri Father in the same cohort as Neda Pathkendle. Daughter of Admiral Kuminzat.

SWELLOWS. Bosun on the Chathrand. Longtime crony of Captain Rose.

SYRARYS [Syrarys Isiq]: A former slave given as consort to Eberzam Isiq.

THAULININ: a selk warrior and leader.

TALAG, LORD: An ixchel nobleman. Co-founder and leader of Ixphir House; architect of the ixchels’s campaign aboard the Chathrand. Father of Lord Taliktrum and brother of Lady Diadrelu.

TALIKTRUM, LORD: Son of Lord Talag; eventual commander of the ixchel aboard Chathrand.

UNDRABUST, NEEPARVASI: tarboy from Sollochstol.

USKINS, PIDETOR: First mate of the I.M.S. Chathrand.

VADU, COUNSELOR: Commander of the Bali Adro armed forces in the city of Masalym. Bearer of a Plazic blade.

VISPEK: a Cayer (master or teacher) of the Mzithrini sfvantskor guild of warrior-priests. Cayer Vispek was one of the teachers and instructors of Neda Pathkendle.


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R squared, It's a pity that Teggatz didn't make the list of 72? I spoke with Prof. Plapp at the Roosevelt Roadrunner reunion. He started in on the character of the cook. I asked him one and only one question; Does the cook die? He wasn't completely sure, but he said " I don't think so?". I told him then it was a good character.

Stay thirsty my friend,

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Is Thasha Isiq on here? Did I somehow just miss her completely? :O