Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zrobiłbym to jeszcze raz, choćby jutro!

I'm very pleased to announce that the first translated edition--Polish--of The Red Wolf Conspiracy is now in print, and indeed has already been reviewed numerous times. Great new cover art as well.

I'm a bit worried, however: readers in Poland have already complained that my invented languages are too easy to pronounce. ;)

Sprzysiężenie Czerwonego Wilka is published by MAG Publishing House.


Adonis Nimbus said...

Oh, who did the cover art for that one? I do like the english cover, but the Chathrand is so pretty on this one.

Robert V.S. Redick said...
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Robert V.S. Redick said...

I'd like to know myself. It's very different from Edward Miller's amazing work for the British edition (Miller will be back, I hope & expect, for the covers of Books II and III). But it is cool to see someone's detailed vision of the ship.

Maybe the illustrator will stumble on this blog, if I type illustrator-Polish-Chathrand-illustrator-Polish-Chathrand enough times. If that should happen, please say hello, illustrator, in any language. Besides eguar, of course.

There, an official hint about Book II. ;)

Kaja said...

Hi, I'm from Poland, and I've just read your fantastic book! I know who the author of cover illustration is. This is Damian Bajowski. His webside:
I looking forward to second book :)

Robert V.S. Redick said...

Thanks, Kaja. I did learn the artist's name from another kind reader in Poland, and wrote to Mr. Bajowski. His work is amazing.

Very glad you liked the book--there's a LOT more on the way!