Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Los Angeles Times Reviews The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Today I have a reason to smile through the lumbar pain: Gavin Grant, co-founder and publisher of Small Beer Press, has written a glowing review of The Red Wolf Conspiracy. The review appears in the June 5th edition of The L.A. Times. Here's a link to the full text. Below are a few highlights:

[Redick] casts his tale off from the historical period so well detailed in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey and Maturin novels and then seemingly tosses in every fantastic idea that has ever crossed his mind. (Yes, there are zombies.) But there is never a moment when Redick's masterful storytelling wobbles; even his throwaway lines deepen and open out the world he has created, moving the ever-more involving story onward.

The novel is immediately and satisfyingly complex. Characters are introduced in passing in the middle of events. They have personal histories and relationships, many of them not at all friendly. The reader is dared to keep up with the never-ending stream of action and it is both a delight and a challenge that does not end until the final page.


Janeite42 said...

Congratulations on the good review! I have to disagree with the reviewer though about the title and the cover. The title is intriguing and the cover is awesome!

Robert said...

Thank you, Janeite 42! You're very kind indeed. From where I'm standing I simply have no grounds to complain. ;)