Sunday, June 14, 2009

Four New Reviews

In addition to Gavin Grant's wonderful review of The Red Wolf Conspiracy in the L.A. Times, a number of others have appeared recently. Here are the links, and some excerpts:

“A vivid, masterful picture of a conspiracy [and] a great debut novel in the fantasy genre for Mr. Redick. You will be unable to put this book down.” - Kevin Winter, Sacramento Book Review. Read the full review.

“What really sets this novel above the norm, though, is the quality of Redick's writing. Like most fantasy novels, this book contains a huge number of characters. Amazingly, nearly all of them are three-dimensional. Even characters with "bit parts" are fully-developed.... His descriptions of life on the sea and of the tall sailing ships seem dead on, and his action sequences frequently leave the reader breathless.”
- Kim Kovacs, Bookbrowse. Read the full review.

“The writing is top-notch throughout. Redick writes with a Dickensian flair: stylistic, powerful, and with a fair serving of melodrama. The young tarboy—and protagonist—Pazel Pathkendle easily connects with the reader, winning over your heart as he struggles with an ever-growing mountain of adversity, spirited and plucky in the face of each new challenge. He’s a character you’ll root for, and find yourself caring about.” - Paul Stotts, Blood of the Muse Book Reviews. Read the full review.

“This is an amazingly fun book…. Alifros parallels Mieville’s New Corbuzon in terms of vitality and inventiveness.’ - The Hathor Legacy. Read the full review.

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