Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interview: Adventues in SciFi Publishing

Last fall at the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego (my new favorite U.S. city) there was so much going on that I almost forgot that I'd been interviewed a few times. Now I've stumbled on a link to one of those interviews, which Moses Siregar bravely conducted as we marched into the chaos of the Tor house party.

This interview's just five minutes long. It's part of a longer WFC podcast, full of great conversations with Scott Lynch, Connie Willis, Patrick Rothfuss, Robin Sullivan, Elizabeth Bear and several others. It's amazing what people will say if you catch them in Con-mode.

Here's a snippet of my interview:

And here's the whole podcast (scroll down for the link). My comments start at 1:35. Enjoy!

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ediFanoB said...

Just listened to your interview. Even it is spoiler-free you promise a lot. Can't wait to read The Night of the Swarm .....