Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Locus Recommended Reading List 2011 & Praise for River of Shadows.

I was glad to discover that Locus magazine has placed The River of Shadows on its 2011 Recommended Reading List. The book is in great company: Andrea Hairston, Colson Whitehead, Ekaterina Sedia, Daniel Abraham, Patrick Rothfuss, Daryl Gregory, Catherynne M. Valente and many more terrific authors are on that list.

In the February issue, Paul Witcover has some very kind words for The Chathrand Voyage Quartet, calling it "one of the most distinctive and appealing epic fantasies of the last decade." Here's what he has to say about the people of the story:

Redick is unusually gifted when it comes to characterization. He paints broadly, often gleefully embracing caricature; his characters may not be strictly lifelike, but they are brimming over with life. Pazel Pathkendle, an impulsive tarboy afflicted with a debilitating, magically fueled linguistic facility; Thasha Isiq, the proud daughter of an admiral, who carries a magical burden of her own; Captain Nilus Rose, a ghost-haunted madman, sadist and seafaring genius; Felthrup Stargraven, a rat mysteriously awakened to sentience--the list of memorable characters goes on and on.

I was also pleased that he called The River of Shadows the best installment yet. Witcover's text isn't online yet, but the Reading List is available here.


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