Friday, October 26, 2012

Contest & Book Giveaway

A quick head's up: Gollancz is giving away copies of The Night of the Swarm to the first five people who can answer what is just about the simplest trivia question imaginable about the series. You might want to seize the opportunity: my own contests will be a lot harder to win.

Update: this appears to be a UK-only contest. In any case, the link is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating us, Robert. I aprreciate it.

To the folks who want to take the contest. If you are Non-UK (like me), no need to try *sniff*

Robert V.S. Redick said...

Thanks, Orcworm. I've updated the post to point this out.

Anonymous said...

hello Mr.Redick

i maybe have missed it,there you have finished cathrand serie.what is your next project.pls inform us or only me.


Robert said...

Hello ty. The series is indeed complete. The next project will be a desert saga; more info to come! Best wishes, RVSR.

John said...

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Bogdan Zaliskiy said...

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