Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm donating a manuscript critique

Do you need a sharp read of your novel-in-progress? Or your pitch letter? I’m donating a critique of both through Worldbuilders, Pat Rothfuss’ cool project whereby genre-lovers of all sorts raise cash for the anti-hunger organization Heifer International. 

Heifer's been around since 1944, and is dedicated to fighting poverty household by household through carefully conceived livestock donations and other projects. The organization operates with  a "pay-it-forward" ethos, encouraging recipients to donate the firstborn offspring of their animals to other families in need. You can read more about Heifer here or on wikipedia.

There are a few caveats: I'm only proposing to review the first 25,000 words, and only from the beginning (ever tried to critique the middle of a novel?). But I have a lot of experience as a critic and editor--and I pride myself on remembering to read like a smart, articulate, joy-driven reader, not an abstracted professional.

Lots of great writers are participating. And since I was a few days late to the party, prices on yours truly are still LOW LOW LOW. Bidding ends Jan 29.

For details, head on over to the bidding page on ebay. 


Regan said...

Robert, how does one get in contact with you?

Regan Walker

Robert said...

Regan--very sorry to have overlooked your message for so long. You can write to me at There's also an email link on my home page, Drop me a line any time. Best wishes, RR