Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mass Market Paperback of The Red Wolf Conspiracy Released

The pocket-sized (MMP) edition of The Red Wolf Conspiracy, Book I of The Chathrand Voyage Series, has just been published by Del Rey. I'm really delighted with this edition. The cover art is delightful. Even better, at the back of the book you'll find two new goodies:

• Several pages of entries from The Merchant's Polylex, providing background and clues to the overall story, and more detail about the world of Alifros.

• The first chapter of The Ruling Sea, Book II of the sequence (UK title: The Rats and the Ruling Sea), to be released next month by Del Rey.

Best of all, it fits in a fanny pack. Enjoy!


Janeite42 said...

Entries from the Merchant's Polylex is cool. I wonder: will there ever be a separate edition of selections from the Polylex?

Beth said...

Just wanted to drop by and say how much I'm enjoying Red Wolf. I've become very picky about the fantasy I read and I was thrilled to discover such a treasure. The setting is wonderfully imaginative, and the story unpredictable and fascinating. I've not been bored for a moment, for which gift I thank you. Looking forward to more.

Robert V.S. Redick said...

Thank you for writing, Beth (and Janeite too; did I ever get in touch!?). It' so encouraging when someone takes the time to make contact, in this whirlwind we live in. Hope the rest of the book, and the series, live up to your experience thus far.

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