Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Honors for The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Just got the great news that The Red Wolf Conspiracy was a finalist for The American Library Association's 2009 Reader's List Award. There were four titles on the short list; the award itself went to Ken Scholes for Lamentation. Congratulations, Ken!

I'm also very pleased to note that the judges for the 2009 Crawford Award for First Fantasy Novel singled out Red Wolf (along with Michal Ajvaz's The Other City) for special commendation, although the book was ineligible for the prize because the U.K. edition originally appeared in 2008. I'm very honored to have been cited by the judges. More delightful still is the fact that the award went to such a spectacular book: Jedediah Berry's The Manual of Detection. If you don't know Jed's work--well, there's a rare, sly, beautifully-written book out there waiting for you.


Michaela Deas said...

Congratulations, Robert!! Next stop DGLA? No wait, I guess I should be rooting for Stephen (even though he hasn't got a chance in hell) :) Hope you're well! M.x

ediFanoB said...

Congratulations Robert! You deserve it.

Michaela Deas, please have a look at the DGLA nomination list for the legend Award. The Rats and the Ruling Sea has been nominated!! Hope you didn't vote so far for an other book.

Robert said...

Thank you, guys! Michaela, what do you mean? Stephen has every chance!

Wish you were here, or I was there, or all of us were in Rio, better yet.

liz ryland said...

Congratulations Robert!

I'm counting down the days when I can finally get my hands on the second book here in the states. Only 14 more days! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

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