Friday, February 5, 2010

On Dreams, Dungeon Mastering, Naval Fantasy, and Politics in Literature

Long Interview on The Hathor Legacy (A Very Cool Feminist Site)

With ten days to go before The Ruling Sea hits shelves in the United States, Maria Velazquez and I talk about the writing of Books I-III, the courage and the myopia of fantasy novels, and the psyche as crowded metro-station, among other curiosities. A snippet:

You have something urgent to share, and you hunt for the right form in which to share it. Inevitably this becomes a question of honesty: with the reader, and even before that, with yourself as a writer. You only know so much. You’re human, and thus a receptacle for both the sublime and the obscene; you have viciousness and love within you, selfishness and generosity, intelligence and instinct, and in that deep thicket you search for some clearing where a rite can be performed, and you call that rite your story.

And if you don't know Hathor, check out the rest of the site. I for one felt better about the state of the genre after my first ten minutes there.


liz ryland said...

Hey Robert-

That was a really great interview. And I loved the site.

Thanks for sharing!

~ liz

Robert said...

Hey There Liz,

Thanks a bunch. Yes, Hathor's a great site. Glad you enjoyed the interview; I sure had fun doing it.

Yours from the Book 3 trenches--


Anonymous said...

Nice interview on Hathor!

I am just halfway through THE RED WOLF CONSPIRACY, and I love the book. Excellent work. And yes, it has given me some cool ideas for an RPG session :)

Robert VS Redick said...

Thanks for your message! Very glad you're enjoying Red Wolf.I miss the good old D&D days. They left an indelible mark on my writing, for better or worse. Cheers & happy reading--RVSR

Anonymous said...

I'm counting down the days when I can finally get my hands on the second book here in the states purchase essays online. Only 14 more days! Yeah!

Cretu Ciprian said...

The article you have shared here very awesome. I really like and appreciated your work. I read deeply your article, the points you have mentioned in this article are useful.

Robert VS Redick said...

Thank you for taking the time to say that, Cretu! I had such a wonderful time writing that series. I hope to get a chance to write Book V one day...