Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Chathrand Voyage Series - Latest News

16 FEBRUARY 2009: The day dawns at last: The Ruling Sea hits U.S. shelves!

Cue the heavenly music: The Ruling Sea is out in the United States. I've been waiting so long for this day, and am full of dumb goofy smiles when I think about it. And yes, as I predicted, I will spend it (a) shoveling snow (b) chasing my dog around in the snow and (c) getting the survivors of Book II--yes, there are several--one day closer to the finish line with Book III

A big round of thanks to my superb U.S. editor Kaitlin Heller, and the whole barnstorming team at Del Rey. If you want to buy the book online, here are some options.

And meanwhile, here's the latest review to cross my desk.

(In a slightly unrelated development, investigators have recently discovered that Jabba the Hut was poorly served by his translators, including C3P0. The new analysis makes it clear that the conflict was misunderstood by all parties. At one point Mr Hut even attempts to speak a human langua
ge, and explains his grievance: 'You stole my foamy bath-scrubber, Solo.' Bath scrubber, not Bantha Fodder. I hope this will inspire all of us to take language training more seriously.)


liz ryland said...
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Robert said...
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Jeff C said...

Congrats! I just bought myself a copy today at Borders. Looking forward to reading it soon.

ediFanoB said...


Read it! Read it!
Highly recommended!

Robert said...

Thanks, gentleman! Happy reading, Jeff!

Janeite42 said...

I second the recommendation. Brilliant stuff.

RVSR said...

Thanks, Janeite! Book III leaves my desk in 10 days. Egad.

liz ryland said...

YEAH! Can't wait to start reading it! I have to keep reminding myself that I have to pack first... then I can sit down to devour the book. LOL!

~ liz

p.s. Glad you are getting so many great reviews.

Robert said...

Hey, thanks, Liz! It feels good. And so will a nice long hike, when Book III finally leaves my hands next week. All Best, Rob

Anonymous said...

And you thought you'd get through this post without a rant.