Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ending the Speculative / Literary Fiction Divide ONCE AND FOR ALL

Last week I published a little essay on, designed to lay this vexing, divisive and painfully pointless matter to rest. The essay includes six suggestions on how else we might subdivide the phenomenon we call fiction, including: Books You Date Vs. Books You Hook Up With, Books in Which Nothing Happens Which is Not Dull Vs. Books With Elements of Excitement and Books by Earnest Awkward Writers About Earnest Awkward Writers Vs. All Others. 

I hope we may agree that nothing further needs to be said on the matter. By anyone. In any language. On any planet. Ever. Again.


Anonymous said...

And as far as being cool... well, I think the best way of being cool is being oneself, but that's just my opinion. You're writing speaks for itself.
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