Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evie Ng's Chathrand Voyage Sketches

Yesterday, graphic artist & book illustrator Evie Ng sent me a great surprise: a tapestry of wonderful sketches she'd just made of Pazel, Thasha, Neeps & various others from The Chathrand Voyage. The  image is pretty big, so I'm just posting some details. You can see the whole thing by clicking here.

"I am not falling for that look."
I'm honored that Evie felt inspired to draw my characters, and impressed by how much emotion she captures in every face. I told her I'd have to find more occasions for Mr Bolutu to look as happy as she draws him. In fact it wouldn't harm any of them to feel this good again before the series concludes... fingers crossed. 
 Evie tells me she doesn't have an online portfolio yet, but I hope that will soon change. Meanwhile, Evie: any chance I can persuade you to give Sandor Ott a try?

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Evie said...

Mr. Redick, it was an honor to draw your fascinating characters. Ott is... going to be a challenge to say the least, but he's certainly on the list. I would love to try drawing Dri and Hercol and Neda too should I work up the nerve. Your approval of my work give me confidence though, so we'll see! Thank you for your kind words and for posting these.