Wednesday, March 2, 2011

River of Shadows ARC

So happy to be holding my third-born at last. This is the Del Rey edition, which will wear the ghost knife (Plazic Blade) cover when it hits the shelves April 19.

Live weight: 574 pages. 
First sentence:
It might have been a palace window in Etherhorde: round, red-tinted, firelit from within, but it was a living eye set in a wall of sapphire lunging east through a cobalt sea.

On the shelves in the U.K. and the U.S. APRIL 19.

Meanwhile I'm recording a chapter in my best (not-quite-Richard-Burton) reading voice. It should be online very soon, along with excerpts in PDF form. Right, back to birthing Book IV


ediFanoB said...

Good to see you with the River of Shadow Art ARC!

I ordered a copy of the DelRey edition in advance.
Due to information from my copy will be delivered on 26th April.

I look forward to read it.
I will post about River of Shadows as soon as the audio chapter is available.

I hope the progress of The Night of the Swarm goes as you expect.

Anonymous said...

Just finished The Ruling Sea yesterday only to be severely disappointed to find out that the third book wasn't out yet. But, looks like I won't have to wait long!

J said...

Hope I can find one of those for my collection. I have a hardcover first of Book Two, and Book One is on order. (I bought paperbacks to read.) One of the dealers I do business with is getting me a signed first of Book Three...yippee!